i have been left home alone for the weekend while my family are off galavanting in london. for company i have cosmo and chester who are currently asleep. this left me a few options as to what i could do with this freedom:

1. go for a long walk with the dogs where they pull me in opposite directions and refuse to come out of the sea.

2. clean the shit out of my car, most of which is my brothers.

3. clean my bedroom. not really a option lets be honest.

4. go shopping without my mum going through the bags i bring home disapprovingly. my favourite option so far.

5. play tennis. likely to make me sweat alot and therefore realise how unfit i am.

6. make cupcakes.

7. get a surprise for the rentals and buy a kitten. like. alot. dogs may not though.

8. search the entire house for my mums secret stash of chocolate and when i do eventually find it, proceed to demolish it. SORTED.