three stereotypes that i’m happy to accept:

1.  i like it when a guy holds the door open for me – yes i am a hopeless romantic.

2. women can’t park or drive for shitok i have had 1 accident in my 4 years of driving, but my car was stationary at the time so it doesn’t count. fact.

3. i love to shopquite happily accept this.

three stereotypes that i’m not happy to accept:

1. as a woman, id just love to cook your dinner then clean up after you – i love cooking for people, but only when its appreciated.

2. i cannot outdrink my brother/boyfriend/dad – lies.all lies. if there’s one thing cardiff netball has taught me, its how to drink.

3. i can’t play sport start this convo and its a sure fire way to get me wound up. remember in school when the teachers used to ask for some boys to lift some heavy boxes? i was always the girl to pipe up and offer.