soo wednesday means only one thing to me. NETBALL. this week my team lost, but not for lack of trying. the only reason we lost was due to some shocklingly shite umpires. if these girls had ever played netball, you wouldn’t have known it. some awful calls and not seeming to understand basic rules. theyre players were shit too. the C i was marking had dogs breath. AND i got twat of the match – 4th time this season!! pissed off doesnt even begin to describe it. AGHHHHHHHH. ok. rant over.

lets get on it tonight! standard social normally involves over-pre-drinking, ridiculous fancy dress, messy drinking games with netballers, shouting away any guys, having the twat chilli shot, high fiving g rand, throwing up after the twat chilli shot, snakebites in union, dominating the kareoke, tearing up the dancefloor, picking livi up off the dancefloor, finding eps doing her “come to bed eyes” before pulling  a fresher, pulling eps away from said fresher to get chips and cheese when lights go up, boots and her drunken texts and eventual bed before 9am lectures tomorrow.


i ❤ cardiff netball