planning for naps – so when i wake up, i have to have a little conversation with myself. it goes something like this: awake sarah: “get up.” asleep sarah: “no.” awake sarah: “get up or you have to go to the gym today.” asleep sarah: “” awake sarah: “get up or you cant go out on wednesday.” asleep sarah: “why do you hate me?!”awake sarah: “bite me.”

so basically both sides are fighting to control the first half hour of my day. asleep sarah wins most often. that is why “naptime” is now officially part of my day. it is just as important as showertime, foodtime and chocolatetime.

seeing old people hold hands – this never fails to make me smile. it shows that true love IS possible.

fresh bed sheets – when youre shattered and fed up with life in general, the effort involved in changing sheets is toooo much. but when you collapse into those freshly plumped pillows and feel all warm inside, thats when you know, right there and then, its going to be a good night.