1 – touch my toes – OK i can but with a lot of effort.

2 – resist chocolate – well lets be honest, i never could. probably never will.

3 – get drunk off one drink – remember the days when you went out with your mates at like 13 and got drunk off 1 WKD? netball has hardened my liver quite considerably.

4 – listen to this song without falling in love all over again.

5 – walk into a room full of strangers and not feel self concious – after netball initiation, walking into lectures next day still in my convict outfit, with FRESHER in permanent marker across my forehead. not a good look.

6 – stop falling alseep in my advanced immunology lectures – too boring for words. even the lecturer always looks bored.

7 – not worry about exams – they are the bane of my life. you can guarantee that 80% of the exam will be on the one lecture you missed and the only journal you didnt read.

8 – help but get excited about Christmas – a couple of years ago, i decided i was too old for the whole father christmas/presents/carols/tree decorating malarkey and told myself i was not allowed to get excited. then i remembered what i was missing out on!

9 – nap – it is now part of my daily routine and a definite highlight.

10 – eat olives or drink orange juice – i may have loved them as a baby but now – yuckkyyyyy