so thats Christmas over with for another year then! it always passes far too quickly. father Christmas was very good to me this year. i got a lovely new opal watch, gorgeous dress from asos and some dollars for my trip to NY, amongst other things. i am a very lucky girl!

no matter how much i love Christmas though, theres always a bittersweet air about it. but i guess that comes with everything – ying and yang and all that jazz. i got a big bag of jellybeans from my brother – scoreee. as i very happily munched on about 20 at once, my face turned from one of delight to sheer horror – he had picked out all the nice flavours and given me only the yucky ones. banana and root beer anyone?

then theres the sheer amount of food you eat – tastes so good at the time but come the time when i start exercising again, i know i shall regret it. my mother is a brilliant cook – one day i hope to be as good as her but that is a big ask. she cooked turkey, beef, ham, sausages, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, stuffing, carrots, peas, cabbage, cauliflower and dont forget the gravy – the table could barely stand under the weight of it all. as one of my brothers said, “mum dont get me wrong this looks great, but we really need to get some bigger plates!!” dont even get me started on the puddings.

i guess the biggest thing i noticed is some people you want to be there with you, wearing the paper hats, laughing at the jokes from the crackers, sitting in front of the fire, going for a walk with cosmo, arent there. that sucks.

cosmo admiring the view over penarth cliff tops – christmas day 2010