so this is the time of year when i used to always go and see the ballet with my mum. to most, im pretty sure i dont look much like a fan of ballet but i used to train twice a week for at least 5 years. i went under protest as at the age of about 10 i was very much into my tomboy phase (pretty impossible not to have one of  them with 3 brothers). but i went, and secretly loved every minute of it. i bought the tutus, wore the shoes with those painful blocks in, tied my hair back in the tightest buns with a thousand kirby grips (never a good look) and did all the exams and performances.

i eventually stopped at about 14, when i realised there were much cooler things i should have been doing (playing with pokemon cards, bouncing boneheads and tamagocis were the craze in my school). my feet never fully recovered though and still bear the scars today.

having said that, my appreciation of ballet has never ceased. theres something pretty special watching a story being told to you through the movements of these impossibly beautiful men and women. and if you get the opportunity, i know its not everyones cup of tea, but id recommend giving it a chance. you may be surprised.

the black swan – released 2010