so today i stupidly attempted to go shopping in town. i say stupidly because everyone else  also thought that today would be a good day to go shopping. i queued for 30 minutes to get into the carpark – that is an obscene amount of time!! seriously regretted not taking the train.

topshop was busier than ever. found a dress i liked in there but wanted to look around without buying this dress. so i hid said dress at the back of a rail in the tall section – no one ever looks there. after finding two cute dresses in cult, i couldnt decide between either of them – ended up buying them both. damn my weak will.

when i got home i decided to see what joy id have with online shopping. i stumbled across this website that does gorgeous handmade vintage treasures for every jewellery need.

i especially love these necklaces.

rentals are away and ive been left in charge of dinner. not going to happen really is it. although i may make some cupcakes!