new years eve. once again. and once again i am stuck as to new years resolutions. previous years have resulted in me sticking to them for all of a few weeks. but this year, this year will be different. i have decided to have just the one resolution this year. yes an offer for medicine, a 2:1 in my degree and a summer filled with exciting travels would be brilliant. but those aims kinda go without saying – i cant really do much more than i already am!

so ive decided that my one resolution is to give up chocolate. for one whole year. now when i told my various groups of friends this, their reactions were all identical. they all burst out laughing. and then they asked why. i am of sorts vaguely offended that my friends do not believe i can do this!! i dont want to do it because i want to become supermodel thin. for me, its more about just challenging myself and following through with it. the defiance from my friends has only made me more determined!

so this is it – as of tomorrow, no more chocolate biscuits, no more chip cookies, no more freddos, no more chocolate spread, no more chocolate cake, no more sweet runs to buy giant bars of galaxy. oh God. wish me luck!!

for anyone who cant decide on a ny resolution, try this place – the Resolution Generator. this is what i got – i quite like it really 🙂