we had a powercut today in penarth! there i was, happily watching the neighbours repeat and everything cuts. it was pitch black. tripping over cosmo on my way to look out the kitchen window, i saw even the streetlights had gone. mum and i eventually managed to stumble our way over to the pantry and lit all the candles we had. a walk up to the town centre was very spooky – all the traffic lights were dead, it was eerily quiet and even my trusty blackberry couldnt get any signal!

it was all quite fun to begin with, but after an hour, with tea waiting to be cooked in the oven and no tv, internet or phone, things didnt seem quite so good.

normality was eventually restored when the power came back and the tv was showing the news with the headline, “10,000 homes without power.” all quite exciting really.

mummy and daddy halpin reading the papers by candlelightcandlelit kitchendaddy halpin lighting the firecandlelit staircaselittle saz