what is it about exam time that makes people go slightly insane? its about 10am and im sitting in the library opposite a guy who is nibbling on an actual block of cheddar cheese, drinking tea from a thermos and casually reading page 3 of the sun. each to their own i suppose. normally by now with 3 days to go until my first exam, id be panicing. nothing yet. my days in the library consist of getting in for 9, doing an hours worth of work, checking fb, building gummy bear towers with nesh, winding katie up, maybe doing some more work, watching gavin and stacey on iplayer whilst munching my lunch, quick wander around the campus, maybe read a few journals, munch some grapes and a huge bag of crisps with em, write up references on a few post-its then dog tired by my long and very stressful day of work, il head home to watch neighbours and have some tea. phew. 14 days and its all over – just hope its worth it.