so judging by how my exam went today, i shan’t be getting into medicine anytime soon. with this in mind, 1 exam to go, no chocolate allowed to console me and all motivation out the window, ive turned my attention to potential career prospects. so far this is the list ive come up with:

1 – professional dog walker i’d get to hang out with cosmo and cute puppies alllllll day. although not sure i could handle the shit.

2 – official chocolate scientist ok so ive got a scientific degree (touch wood) and i definitely have the love of chocolate so sounds perfect. anyone know a mr wonka? or cadbury? or galaxy? im not fussy.

3 – sell livi for money – could potentially be highly lucrative. i hear someone once offered a camel for her the minx.

4 – eat 5 times my bodyweight and sell myself as a freak showfml.

5 – open my own cupcake shopfavourite option so far.