exams are over. i celebrated in style with some shopping and lunch with livi. followed swiftly by popping open a bottle of bubbly that had been sitting on my shelf for months. alcohol never tasted so sweet! standard night out followed. sally, rob, livi and i hit Glam, skipped all the queues with VIP tickets much to the envious glares from those still waiting.

possible highlight was doing the trust test with livi. you know, the one where you stand behind someone and they fall into your arms. so there i was, standing in the middle of the VIP area arms extended patiently with baited breath to catch livi. she was doing her usual dotting around on her heels panicing about goodness knows what and shaking her hair in her anticipation. so she turned her back to me and fell. she fell diagonally. and hit the floor. referring back to the incident she keeps saying how i dropped her and the bruise on her arse is my fault. i point out the photographic evidence that proves otherwise.

what followed that inciden began with numerous sambuca shots, free drinks from robs contacts, lunges, press-ups, losing phones, finding phones, half hour toilet queues, picking fights at the bar, drunken taxis, mumpy faces dedicated to darling kate, stealing taxis, cash machine at 3am to pay mr taxi man, sitting in the middle of the road, cheese and spring onion on toast, cheeky hour long chat with eps, livi falling asleep on the sofa, waking livi up to go to bed and collapse finally into two drunken, tired but very happy heaps. God i love that girl.