yesterday was a low-point in my academic career. my research project means im in the lab two days a week. im meant to be finding amazing shiz which could maybe possibly  be used to help treat thyroid cancer. so far i achieved very little – except decorate my lab coat. and find a space in the coffee cupboard for my tea mug. and raid the stationary drawer. im left in a lab on my own with only the pipettes, fridges, eppendorfs and chemical shelf for company. so yesterday whilst looking up some very important yet incredibly boring protein databases, i got distracted. distracted by angry birds. yes that stupid little game where the birds knock over all the blocks. i mayyy have downloaded it to the lab computer. and my supervisor mayyy have walked in just as i was about to slingshot the last bird to complete the level.

“data analysis going well is it sarah?”

ohhh shit. well there is no getting out of this one is there? im fucked. been caught red handed. might as well pack my bags now. its like when you were little and your mum caught you eating a packet of crisps before dinner. or you fail an exam. and my stomach sank. i span round on the little squeaky chair.

“i uhhhhh . . . i was just having a little break . . .you know . . . from uhhh this protein uhhhhhh . . . stuff.”

“maybe you could continue this break on the walk home eh? i think thats enough for today.”

it was the whole ‘im not angry, im just disappointed’ routine that always gets me. id been sent home in disgrace.

on the plus side, home 2 hours early on a friday afternoon? result.