so tonight i am chilling on the sofa with my lovely housemates. and to be honest, im not sure id rather be anywhere else.this is the first valentines day that ive been single since i was 16 but im not bitter about. i like valentines day, being the hopeless romantic that i am. i dont like the whole commercial side of it and huge PDAs with massive cards and  silly balloons, but i think its cute when you send a little note or a red rose. the boys in my lectures today all boycotted it apparently. they refused to take part until girls accept march 14th as a holiday – kinda like valentines for guys. guess what its called? ‘steak and blowjob day.’ dont see that one catching on really.

i didnt receive a single valentines card today. i even had to prompt my mum, “WHEREEE is my valentines card/text/chocolate substitute??” livi bought me a lovely selection of sweets and kate bought a token card for the singletons of the house. having survived my first single valentines day, i dont really understand what all the fuss is about. is just the same as every other day of the year. and if you realllllly love someone, you should tell them all the time, not just on the one day.