sometimes, i really hate life. i get its unfair, but this is just ridiculous. forget that character building shit. sometimes, life is just plain cruel.

i know some incredible people in my world who through no fault of their own get dealt the worst hand possible. i dont get it. why them? what did they do wrong?

i still count myself lucky in that fact that nothing that drastic has happened to me. but for those affected, they carry on and show more strength and inspire more people than i could ever dream of. for that, they have my utmost respect.

my day couldnt have gone any worse if it had tried. my exam results were shite and i have no hope of an offer of medicine. i have no motivation at all to carry on in this bloody degree. i feel shittier than when i had my car crash, or that time i had heat stroke or when i decided i couldnt go on tour. and to make matters worse, my family are half-way across the world in canada, just when i want nothing but a hug.

the phrase fml couldnt be more appropriate here. unless they cancelled neighbours and made chocolate illegal. then i’d really have something to cry about.