this morning when i woke up, i thought “today is going to be one of those days.” as i sleepily got dressed and stupidly poured orange juice over my cereal, i couldn’t work out whether it was going to be a good day or a not-so-good one.

discarding the soggy orange cornflakes and opting for an apple, i eventually got to the hospital. when i walked into the labs, my supervisor was there waiting for a friendly smile but a not-so-friendly lab coat with a massive blue stain down it.

“do you know whose lab coat this is sarah?”

“uhhhhh nope. nope i don’t.never seen it before,” wondering how the hell he’d managed to find it after i’d spilt staining dye all over me and had hurriedly stuffed it in the cupboard the day before.

pottering around, trying to look like i was doing something useful, i carried on as if i didn’t have a care in the world. left to my own devices eventually, i started my experiment. the display of the machine next to my worktop was flashing FINISHED. so i very helpfully pressed the power button to switch it off.


a long loud beeping sound was disturbing the silence of the lab. i pressed frantically at the buttons to try and shut it up. ERROR said the now red display. shit. shitty shit. i unplugged it at the socket and plugged it back in. works with a computer right? MACHINE FAULT. oh bollocks. stuff blue labcoats, now im in trouble.