where do i begin with my little wise owl?

sometimes, we pretend we’re lesbians to smelly boys.

sometimes, she calls my bootayyy my ‘hunkajunk’.

sometimes, she tries to make me like olives and i nearly spew.

sometimes, i drink her milk and buy her a fruit shoot instead.

sometimes, she plays the duffy album on repeat until i know it by heart.

sometimes, my dog loves her more than he does me.

sometimes, we go hotty spotting in the library.

sometimes, she goes travelling and scares me with tales of meeting up with random men.

sometimes, her mum has me as her phone background.

sometimes, she sleeps in my bed so i dont choke on my own drunken spew.

sometimes, she scrubs out a taxi while im passed out in bed.

sometimes, we can read each-others minds.

sometimes, she spots potentials and i get overly protective on the dancefloor.

sometimes, she laughs a lot when i twitch and my food falls on the floor.

sometimes, she calls me sazzle and i have a little surge of love.

sometimes, she drools on herself.

sometimes, her hip goes and she drags one leg behind herself.

sometimes, she wears pukey green t shirts just cause she loves me.


sometimes, shes the only person i want a hug from.

sometimes, she knows just what to say.

sometimes, theres no-one in the world i’d rather hang out with.

sometimes, i think shes my other half.

❤ K.L.L. ❤