so i guess everyone thinks their mum is the best right? my mum is my idol.

she managed to have 4 kids in the space of 5 years. she was the stitch fairy. she gave me a boy haircut. she let me go through my tomboy rebellious stage. she gave me ice lollies when dad said no. she stayed up all night whenever i had a fever. she made my brothers wear matching bow ties and waistcoats for parties. she bought me a swing. she took me strawberry picking when i was “too ill for school.” she took me on Christmas visits to Bath. she has an inspiring job. she supports me in everything i do. she cries at all the same movies as me. she tries and fails to get facebook. she treats cosmo like her fifth child. she doesnt understand why the guys calls her a milf. she doesnt understand what a milf is. shes happiest when the house is full. she takes me away on trips to new york. she makes the best roast dinner ever. she rings me just to say she loves me. we have the same love of shopping/chocolate obsession/smile/stubbornness/laugh/bottom/nagging sibling ability/cluckiness/gravy making skills and ways around dad.

im very lucky to have a mum like mine.