these two little peas in a pod,

are happy as happy can be.

never one without the other,

they cause trouble – you’ll see.


they buy each other treats,

whenever they are down.

Wollar takes Gabs home,

after a night on the town.


getting drunk together,

take us to the Lash – quick!

Halpin likes taking pictures,

especially when Gabs is sick.


“fairplay you snake who’s your current squeeze?”

their mothers always ask.

they dont know about the long list,

of boys they’ve enticed in the past.


leading freshers astray,

netball tour is just the beginning.

and in terms of football pulls,

Gabs is clearly winning.


friends for life these two,

til they’re old,  wrinkly and grey.

their kids will be besties as well,

enjoying hangovers every thursday.