This is the text that greeted me as i came back upstairs from having my breakfast before heading to the library to begin the dreaded revision. Fortunately for the author of this text (and this blog) i was coming anyway so she could count on being distracted for at least 1 hour before i headed to toby to indulge myself in all you can eat carvery and prepare for an all avo/evening session in drink the bar dry.

so what sight beholds me as i arrive in the library…you would assume that the girl who was meant to have written an 8000 word rough draft of her project by last monday would be hard at work, but no…she’s making an end of season/uni video for her beloved CUNTs! the topic of exams comes up pretty quickly and she bemoans the fact that she doesnt even know whether its possible to get a 2:1 in her degree – it takes a mere 10 seconds to do the maths and realise that due to the 80% weighting of this year its pretty simple to get a 2:1 if she got off her arse and did some work…(she’s texting instead of working right now!!) I realise this may sound unbelievably hypocritical to those of you who know me but i do actually do work when it comes round to exams, just not the other 10.5 months. Only 6 weeks left halpin and then you’re living the dream for the next 12 months, so quit your moaning, get on it and keep smiling.

PS…dont moan when someone (not me) says you look like Rachel McAdams, because she is hot!!