one of the few things i knew i wanted to do when i came to uni was carry on playing netball. i turned up to the first day of trials convinced that there was no way i was going to get past lunchtime, let alone the following day. but my number was called and i made it to day two. in match play i had to run off court to go be sick in the toilets. no i was not hungover, it was just more exercise than i’d had all summer! at the end of the second day of trials, that was it, i’d made the cut and could now call myself a cardiff uni netballer.

what followed was three years of some of the most exciting, knakering, drunken, heartbreaking, funny, craziest times of my life. . .

t shirt social.meeting eps, boots and libs.initiation.cops and robbers.ants on the floor.pumpkins at a centre court and i like them . ¬†. .christmas’ dancing.sengenned court of the antics.eps freshers.pigs heads.paddling pools with mud.tractor outfit.i promise to love my club captain and fellow netballers and obey the netball scouting law.varsity.doctors and patients.arc building.tourtourtour.parkus dance.missing netballers.h boss peeing in a urninal.more football antics.g rand got with.eps little star.stealing oven gloves.rubix cube.chilli shots.eps still pulling.chunderrrr.twat of the match.everywhere we goooo.crayola love.4th team captain.OAP zimmer frame dancing.lajays team dream team.i know i am im sure i am im cardiff til i die.

so now 3 years are up. it all ended in awards night last week. i was in floods of tears by midday.and then the night began. for once we were all allowed to wear heels without being punished.i was fine giving out my captains awards, then it got to laj and lozzas speeches. these girls have been incredible this year. theyve done so much for the club and been amazing role models for the freshers. and i was awarded full colours. and dont forget club twat- honoured doesnt even come close. that was when the tears came. probably spurred on by the 6 bottles of wine spilt with my team. that and eps’ hug.

i’ve met some incredible people who have made my life at uni-people who i hope i never lose contact with. i cant believe how lucky i’ve been. and im just too sad its over.

im pretty sure i’ll carry on wearing my kit and singing the chants until im old and grey. i am a cardiff uni netballer for life.