boys can be silly at times. not all of the time, but sometimes, they are their own worst enemies.

so there’s this girl. strike that, she’s not just any girl. a beautiful, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and strong girl. and this girl has had the worst luck with guys. now she’s had relationships. she’s loved and been loved. but she’s also lost and been lied to. through no fault of her own, it’s the guys shes with that are the dicks. she knows who she is.

why do they feel the need to do it? what on earth can they gain?? all they do is cause hurt and upset and lose and incredible girl. doesnt make sense if you ask me.

one day, this girl will meet a guy who will sweep her off her feet, take her out to dinner, buy her pretty dresses from Toppy, kiss her for no reason, drive her to maccy ds when she’s feeling hungover, provide regular Dr Peppers, buy her flowers, leave her notes in her bag, let her keep rabbits in the house, remember every birthday/anniversary without having to be reminded, impress all her friends, be her best friend, challenge her, surprise her, romance her. ie treat her the way she deserves. this girl will get this and more, one day. one day.