1. it’s not hard for me to cover up what i’m really feeling.

2. i love it when geeks talk like dey from da hood. breh.

3. deep down, i still believe in peter pan.

4. sometimes i take out my anger on inanimate objects by pointing at them and yelling “avada kadavra!”

5. one time, i’d like to have absolutely NOTHING to do.

6. i have an unhealthy fascination with daytime television. where do these people hide the rest of the time?

7. i admire some people alot more than i let on.

8. i don’t like it when people don’t tell you what they really mean because i can’t hide being disappointed. at all.

9. i once stole a creme egg from my mum. and i got banned from the swing for it for a week!

10. i don’t feel as grown up as i think i should do.