you see, when we’re born we see the world in an uncomplicated way. we know what we need, and we ask for it. we like nice people, and we don’t like mean people. we sleep when we’re tired, we eat when we’re hungry, and we stop eating when we’re full. as we grow older, we eat and drink to console ourselves, rather than addressing what’s bothering us. we overwork to avoid close relationships, rather than finding people we can trust to form strong bonds with. we hold grudges, play games, spend more than we make, want things we don’t need, and we get too far away from our basic human needs. in other words, we complicate things.
here’s a few ways to uncomplicate things . . .
* don’t try to read peoples minds.
* ask yourself if it will matter in 10 years time.
* kiss and make up.
* pay the bills ontime.
* tell the truth.
* say no unapologetically.
* take vitamin C before you get a cold.
* make time for yourself.
* forgive and forget. end of story.
* drink more water.
* eat more salmon.
* start what you finish.
* stretch every day.