today is just one of those days. i woke up with no voice and a throbbing headache. normally i only have myself to blame as a hangover is usually the cause. this time, i just happen to have a rotten head cold. so i thought as i crawled out of bed and made myself a cup of earl grey, what better cure than a quick shop in town. “i can be in and out and studying in the library by 11,” i told myself.

or not.

come 1pm i’m sitting outside a coffee shop having a hawaiian panini (ham cheese and pineapple obviously). the numerous bags from toppy, paperchase and accessorize rest not-so-guilitly on my leg. bad sarah. on the plus side, my headache isn’t quite so bad. retail therapy really does work eh?

ah well. im in the library now at least. give it a few hours here and i shall know that tiny bit more about the joys of ‘mouse models for autoimmune therapy.’ AND katie is home today. AND ise is cooking me dinner tonight 🙂

i’d quite like to go back here please?