this weekend so far i have done very little. well, i say very litte but when i think about it, infact i’ve done quite a lot!

on saturday, i had my first guilt-free lie in in what felt like about a year. then ise had bought livi, tills and i tickets to the rugby to watch the barbarians vs wales. (livi has found a new favourite hottie watching arena – fave quote of the day, “do they wear butt padding?”)

i was on the bbc (and ise wasn’t mwhahahaa : ) )

then we went dress shopping with livi. cooked insanely yummy quesadillas, couple of glasses of wine and popped in to see the lovely irish. oh and we painted wills’ face –

smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast yesterday, followed by massive house tidy up. then cooked a lovely prawn risotto and watched despicable me. its nearly 11am on monday morning and i have yet to do anything, except drink my cup of tea. i love this no-exam malarkey.