falling in love in a coffee shop. sounds a bit too much like the movies right?

well, the other day, i was having coffee and a yummy salmon sandwich with isaac. sat opposite us was a mother and son sharing lunch, a guy in a big squashy armchair reading a book with a foreign title and a girl sipping her drink with shopping bags taking a rest at her ankles, also reading.

the guy kept looking up at the girl and then quickly down again at his book. the girl was taking long sips of her coffee and looking tentatively up at him. ise and i watched this carry on for a while. and then the guy plucked up the courage and started conversation with her. they both laughed at a shared joke and then when that awkward silence came when you first meet someone, they both took simultaneous sips of their drinks and looked sheepish. he smiled up at her and pointed to her book. she smiled back, playing with her hair and started chatting.

and that was it. right before our eyes, isaac and i saw the romance blossom – just like in the movies. we left them chatting then to carry on shopping. but i couldn’t resist taking a photo. i realise that may make me seem like a bit of a stalker but it was just too cute an opportunity to miss.