so the last week or so has involved me starting one of the coolest jobs around. handover to become one of cardiff unis sabbatical officers has officially begun. it has all started with 4 days away with the 8 of us. we turned up bright and early on the monday, bags packed and minds eager. driving down to oxwich bay in swansea, we didn’t really know what to expect.

arriving at our hotel on the beach, the training started right away. what we were told would be just team building, turned out to be much more intense than that. we started as a group of 8 who knew we were going to work together. the training team tore us down, then slowly built us back up again. i learned things about myself that i never even realised. and the banter and late night drinking on the beach provided hours of amusement.

no longer a group, we left as a team. so on the bus we went again to the big welsh NUS conference. nothing could have cemented in me more how lucky we are to have the team we do and go to the uni we do. this year is going to be incredible.