last friday, was the day i have been looking forward to for a long time – the final harry potter film came out.

now i have been a hazza p fan since the day it went big. i’m talking standing in line at midnight wrapped in a gryffindor scarf with a scar haphazardly drawn on my forehead type adoration. my dad used to read my brothers and i page after page for years. he did all the voices for mccgonagall (“Potter! Weasley! Pay attention!”) and pointed his imaginary wand at us whenever a spell was cast in the story. mischief managed.

and i followed the films when they were released. i even got the point of auditioning for hermione (i turned up on the wrong day). and so on friday i was on the edge of my seat, 3D glasses perched on my nose with £8 worth of pick’n’mix discarded in the excitement. over 2 hours later and i’m left feeling puzzled. isaacs comment was, ‘goodbye, childhood.” that’s exactly what saying goodbye to harry potter feels like. i’m a part of the lucky generation who is able to say that we legitimately grew up with hazza p and its certainly bittersweet to have to say farewell together as well.

i’ll miss you hogwarts. here’s hoping there’s a wizarding graduate school i’ll soon find out about.