if you switch on the television today, there is no other news story. this day, 10 years ago, is in the thoughts of everyone all over the world.

i don’t really remember what i was doing that day. being only 11, i was most probably getting excited about going into secondary school and my upcoming birthday. but i do remember my mum and dad watching the news with horror that evening, hands over their mouths in disbelief, hands clasped tightly. and my mum giving me an extra long hug before bed that night. it was the first time in my life that i thought things can go terribly wrong. i didn’t understand a lot of what it meant, but i was scared.

i can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like to be in the city that day. relatives of mine who were there say it was just a blur. it saddens me to think there are people evil enough in this world to cause such devastation and pain.

recently, there have been loads of programmes on BBC about 9/11 and the conspiracy around them. these people are convinced that something is missing and it couldn’t have just happened the way it did. for me, those people are entitled to their opinion but i disagree. 9/11 isn’t about arguing who is right and wrong. it’s about a city that was attacked. and its people hurt. it’s about those lives cut short. and a world changed forever. it’s about the war it caused. and the effects we still see today. it’s about the strength of the rescuers. and giving a life to save another.  it’s about those phone calls that were made. and the ones that didn’t get through.

my thoughts are with all those who were touched by 9/11.