there are some things that are pretty easy to make a decision on. today for example, i chose to have toast rather than cereal for breakfast. and to wear my red pants, rather than the blue ones. these decisions affect no one other than myself. some decisions have more of a consequence than others. i chose to have 5 minutes extra in bed which resulted in me being 30 minutes late to work due to traffic and therefore late to a meeting. (also, heavily influenced by the incompetent t**t who chose to drive like a blind man purely to annoy me i’m sure.)

so when you have a situation which you just don’t know what to do with, how do you decide? do you toss a coin? or pick a straw? but when something massive could come of it, is tossing a coin really good enough? if you weigh up the pros and cons, there will always be legitimate reasons for both. either way someone is going to be upset. and what happens if you really want to do both? i know in my heart which one i want to be at, but the experience gained from the other is priceless.

when it comes down to it, it’s my own fault really. i said yes to both, misunderstanding when one of them was. as a result, both thought i was committed to them and only just this Monday did i realise the clash. it’s my own fault really.i caused this.just me. that makes it even harder to decide.