take 1 girl, 1 boy and tickets to paris and what do you get? a very happy couple that’s what.

ok so we may have travelled in a coach on the way over and we may not have stayed in the poshest, most expensive hotel in the city, but i had the best time. i managed to get metro passes and we were off! we got up early both mornings and took to the streets to start exploring. having not spoken french in a good few years and having a boyfriend who cannot speak a word of it, i was hoping most people in paris spoke english. i was wrong. but i think i survived pretty well! isaacs attempts at french made him friends with a french waiter sporting an impressive moustache who called him ‘baby ‘ but failed to get him the ‘paineee’ he was trying to order. we saw all the sights, walked for miles with coffee and croissants to fuel us! we even waited hours in the queue for the eiffel tower only for the top viewing gallery view to be blocked by clouds! for my first visit to paris, i was hoping to be impressed. but i fell wholeheartedly and completely in love with the cobbled streets, christmas markets, coffee shops, amazing buildings and even the people. i wish i could go back.