it’s a funny old world. you think you have your life planned out, then something changes, you adapt and start a new path, it twists and turns, but you just about manage to stay on track. then everything changes again.

it’s about the time i need to start looking at my future. i’m in the perfect job now. it’s something i enjoy, i’m incredibly passionate about and most of all, i think i’m pretty good at it. if i could stay on for another elected term, i would. 

but how do you start looking through the millions of jobs in the world, when you just don’t know what fits with you? i want to wake up each day and love what i do. i want to get excited and fired up and get angry when things don’t go right with my job. 

now i believe in fate, i honestly do. i think everything happens for a reason. i believe when things don’t go quite right then it will lead on to greater things. i believe in ‘the one.’ it is quite hard though to sit back and just let those things happen. how much effort are you supposed to put in? if i don’t try, will nothing i want happen? but if i do try, how do i know what i try for is right? just believe, i guess . . .i do wish someone would just decide for me though.