i’ve just read a fantastic article from the financial times. now i’m not normally one to read the FT. i’m more of a BBC news girl. but this article on inspiring women from 2013 intrigued me.

Imagethe issue had interviews with Malala, the Pakistani girl who has been speaking out about womens education since she was 10. 10! that puts me to shame. it profiles the UK’s best female footballer, who had to pretend she was a boy to get noticed in her football team as a child. Mishal Husain, a well-known face of British news spoke about the everyday sexism she faced in her role. Even Bridget Jones got  a mention.


all of these women have made their mark in one way or another. all of them experienced misogyny and sexism along their journey. some more extreme than others. but the most telling stories of them all, i think, was the interview with Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard was the Australian prime minister up until recently. few politicians have received such personal abuse as Gillard, whose political term ended amid accusations about the role of women in Australian society and the treatment of women in top jobs. watch the video below. she ends the interview with these words on her role as a female PM: “crashing through a glass ceiling is always painful, especially for the first to go through, but having crashed through it, i think it’ll be easier for the next woman who comes along.”

here’s to all the powerful and inspiring women who made 2013 a great year.