my name is sarah jill halpin. 24 years old.


i have 3 younger brothers, a fiercely competitive nature, 2 parents, 1 joke of a car, high aspirations, a lovely boy that gives me butterflies, 1 imaginary tattoo, too many scented candles, 4.5 sized feet, 1 iphone, a hopelessly romantic imagination, 1 love of Neighbours, 2 fears (spiders and deep water), a beautiful godson, the best friends in the world, a list of things i want to do before i die, 1 dog, 9 cousins, uncontrollable wavy hair, 3 cups of tea a day, bright blue eyes, a thing about being polite, 1 obsession with chocolate and a love of all things vintage.

i have no idea why i wanted to start a blog but here i am giving it a try. the pictures i use and the sites i refer to are things i have stumbled across, very occasionally my own. i hope you like them as much as i do.